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Language and Music in Cognition

Interdisciplinary Education Program in Language and Music Cognition Research

This project investigates Interfaces between complex cognitive systems music and language in relation to other cognitive domains such as motor and social cognition.

Within this very broad field, we especially focus on:
1) Syntax in language and music;
2) Motor control in speech and music making;
3) Timing, synchronization, and alignment in social cognition;
4) Affect, mediality, and embodiment.

Recently, investigations of the biological foundations of music and language are ever-growing and require cooperation between different disciplines of cognitive science.
This interdisciplinary, or even transdisciplinary, approach integrating theoretical and empirical methods as well as computer simulation takes center stage in the current project.

Project leader:
Prof. Dr. Uwe Seifert (Phil./Musicology)

Project coordinators:
Prof. Dr. Aria Adli (Phil./Romance Studies)
Rie Asano, M.A. (Phil./Musicology)
Prof. Dr. Martine Grice (Phil./Linguistics/Phonetics)
PD Dr. Doris Mücke (Phil./Linguistics/Phonetics)
Prof. Dr. Martina Penke (Hum./Special Education and Rehabilitation)
PD Dr. Volker Struckmeier (Phil./English Department)
Dr. Sarah Verlage (Hum./Special Education and Rehabilitation)
Prof. Dr. Dr. Kai Vogeley (Med./Psychiatry)

Dr. Lüder Schmidt (Phil./Musicology)


Aktuelles (What's New)

Spring School 2019 Teaser

Spring School 2019 "Language and Music in Cognition: Integrated Approaches to Cognitive Systems" Teaser made by Nadine Dietrich and Sina Sachse