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Poster Abstracts

Fosca Al Roumi
1: Acquisition and processing of an artificial mini-language combining semantic and syntactic elements

Anna Bonifazi
11: Multimodality and the poetics of weeping from Homer to Arvo Pärt

Emily Carlson
16: Empathy and Periodic Entrainment Relate to Perceived Interaction in Dyadic Dance

Anja-Xiaoxing Cui
22: The influence of prior knowledge on sensitivity to statistical information in music

Shahaboddin Dabaghi Varnosfaderani
4: The Effect of Sad and Happy Background Music on Complexity, Accuracy and Fluency of L2 Speaking of EFL learners with Consideration of their Working Memory Capacity

Diana Dimitrova
12: Non-canonical structure as an attention cueing mechanism

Katerina Drakoulaki
8: Exploring the rhythmic abilities of Greek-speaking children with Specific Language Impairment: Evidence from correlational and priming studies

Eftychia Giannakopoulou
21: Functional Organisation of Familiar Melody Recognition as Revealed Using Octave-Generalisation of Melodic Structure

Viviana Haase
7: Predicting the negative: Investigating the comprehension of negated sentences in an event-related potential study

Marvin Heimerich
15: Investigating the Development of Joint Attentional Skills in Early Ontogeny through Musical Joint Action

Tomomi Hida
3: Language and Music Use the Subassembly-type as Universal, but not the Pot-type Merging Operation

Malcolm McHugh Kennedy
5: Recursion In Humpback Whale Song

Radha Manisha Kopparti
2: Sequential Rule Learning with Neural Networks

Maksymilian Korczyk
23: The neural correlates of beat perception in musicians in visual and auditory modalities

Marit Lobben
20: Cross-modal effects of rhythmic entrainment in bilingualism on musical rhythms and visual processing

Clemens Maidhof
17: Neural Dynamics of Moments of Interest During Dyadic Improvisation in Music Therapy

Sophie Jayne Newlove
14: An exploration of links between formal music training and second language learning

Kendra Oudyk
19: What Was That Bird? Birdsong Query-by-Humming Using Asymmetric Set Inclusion of Pitch-Curve Segments

Dominic Schmitz
6: Tonal Alignment in German and the Issue of Cognition

Genta Toya
13: Evolution of Recursive Operation in Different Cognitive Domains: A Simulation Study

Patrick Christian Trettenbrein
18: PhD Project Outline: Investigating the Modality (In-)dependence of Syntactic Processing

Maria Manuel Vidal
9: Music training effects on phonological awareness development in 3-year-olds with typical development and 3- to 6-year-olds with primary language impairment

Simon Wehrle
10: Transfer the floor: The timing of turn-taking in high-functioning autism

Annika Carina Ziereis
24: Does it swing?  The Effect of Microtiming Deviations on the Swing Feeling in Short Piano Jazz Pieces